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Policy & Funding Work Group Meeting

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Location: TBD

Youth Civic Engagement Work Group Meeting





Jobs for the Future invites you to attend a national summit June 28-29, 2016 in New Orleans, LA.

As a nation, we have an economic mobility challenge that we can no longer ignore. Approximately 40% of Americans born near the bottom of the economic ladder remain trapped there as adults. The consequences of this situation are devastating. Many workers, especially those without credentials and skills, face stagnating or declining wages, and continue to lose ground compared to those with more education.

There is broad agreement that completion of a postsecondary credential is a path out of poverty and up the economic ladder. However, underlying factors make that bridge difficult to navigate or inaccessible.

Jobs for the Future focuses on enabling young people and adults to successfully navigate high school, earn postsecondary credentials, and sustain family-supporting employment. The summit aims to identify and implement policies and practices that increase economic mobility.

We invite nonprofit organizations, employers, workforce development organizations, and education and research institutions to join us in exploring some urgent questions:

  • Systems: What must public and private systems do to fundamentally support economic mobility for everyone?
  • Partnerships: What kinds of partnerships are necessary to address the multifaceted issue of facilitating economic mobility?
  • Scale and Spread: What types of policy and financing are needed to increase the scale and broaden the spread of evidence-based interventions?
  • Critical Levers: How can efforts to address economic mobility in the fields of housing, health care, and transportation be most effectively joined with education and workforce strategies?
  • Building from the Evidence: How can we further apply research and evaluation and best present findings to inform practice and policy?

Over two days together, we will push our thinking, search for answers, learn from experts, and collaborate with our peers to position ourselves to more effectively address the barriers to economic mobility. Please join us in New Orleans to add your voice and expertise to the conversation!